Bed Bugs

Bed bugs tend to hide in the nooks, crannies, and crevices that don’t get cleaned often. Inside your walls, buried in your mattress, or stuck in your sheets—bed bugs might be lurking all around your home. 

It takes specialized expertise and equipment to properly remove bedbugs from a home. If you believe that you may be experiencing a bedbug problem, give us a call! Bedbugs feed primarily on human blood, and it’s no fun to get bitten. Chelsea Pest Control is your premium bedbug removal service in Chelsea, NYC.


We strongly recommend an ongoing treatment program to eradicate pests and prevent future infestations. Quarterly extermination programs include periodic inspection and treatment of your home’s interior and exterior, attic, eaves, lawn, etc. Many companies also offer a bi-monthly program that primarily focuses on the perimeter of your residence. Bi-monthly inspection and treatment of your home’s perimeter is perhaps the best way to prevent pest infiltration in the first place. Chelsea Pest Control can advise you on the pest extermination program that best suits your needs.

Rodent Proofing

To prevent mice & rodents from entering the home, all cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps larger than a pen cap should be sealed with cement or a mixing compound. It is not advised that wood be used to seal these holes, as mice are capable of chewing through those surfaces.

Cleanliness may also have an effect on pest infestations. Be sure to wash dishes immediately following use. Food should be stored in glass or metal containers with tight lids. Mice acquire most of their water from scavenged food particles and no crumbs or morsels should be left on tabletops or floors.

Animal Trapping

Here at Chelsea Pest Control, we offer professional animal trapping services for NYC residents. We are able to create traps that will attract invading animals and ensure that any pest problems are mitigated right away. Pests can bite, pinch, chew on plants and other household items, cause stains, and create foul odors. 

If you are experiencing a pest problem and you need an animal trapping service, then give us a call! We will trap pests, remove them from your home, and put measures in place to ensure that they don’t come back. If you’re looking for an animal trapping service in New York City, look no further! Give us a call today.